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2015 Commercial Aquaponics And Solar Greenhouse Trainings In Tennessee

We are now offering a five-day training in 2015 in Tennessee from September 28th to October 2nd.

This five-day course, which is held from Monday through Friday, is designed to allow you to travel during the weekend to the course, get the most out of the course, and not need to be away from your busy life longer than necessary. Our Commercial Aquaponics and Solar Greenhouse course is now 5 days long, and with its emphasis on profitable commercial aquaponics in energy-efficient greenhouses, is unlike any other aquaponics training available anywhere.

You can sign up NOW for this 2015 course.

Sign Me Up For The Tennessee Training (Monday, September 28th to Friday, October 2nd)

How many people? (50% discount for additional persons!)

As soon as you register for this course, you will receive maps and accommodations information.

All of these five-day trainings include our $995 DIY Commercial Aquaponics package, $998 DIY Family Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse package, and new $295 DIY Commercial Tilapia Hatchery manual as course materials, plus much more! You receive $2,288 worth of DIY manuals as well as the live course and hands-on experience. What a deal!

We are also limiting this training to 35 persons, so that everyone will get a chance to have all their questions about aquaponics, greenhouses, and making a career with them answered; so sign up early if you want to come!

Hi, this is Randy Campbell, your host and co-trainer at the Aquaponics Training in Tennessee. We have regular free tours at our farm in Elora, Tennessee, to introduce you to the benefits of aquaponics. If you’re interested, simply call me at 256-679-9488 to find out when the next tour is scheduled. You can also email me with your questions, and I will explain how our EAT Aquaponics Trainings will benefit you.

Here’s the description for the new, comprehensive, 5-day
“Commercial Aquaponics and Solar Greenhouse Training”

1. We begin with the three-day Aquaponics Technology training: it’s everything we know about the techniques and methods of growing with aquaponics. Each day will have its own hands-on segments.

2. The one-day Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse course is everything we know about energy-efficient greenhouses, and includes information and complete CAD plans showing how to build a Chinese-style aquaponic solar greenhouse; along with more information on how to convert existing greenhouses to be as energy-efficient as possible. We even show you how to purchase and erect a good used greenhouse for ten cents on the dollar.

3. The one-day Commercial Aquaponics Training is everything we know about the various ways of making money with aquaponics, from CSA’s to Costco, from wholesale to retail, from selling simple produce to producing value-added products, including Food Safety Certification and Organic Certification.