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Dear Teacher,

We would like to invite you to preview an exciting and relevant educational experience that is available for your students!  Today’s Green Acres is a working aquaponics farm, now opening for K-12 field-trips and workshops!  Aquaponics is a centuries-old method of biodynamic farming: fish and plants are raised together.

Today’s green technological advances allow for extremely productive systems that could solve the world’s looming food crisis.  At our farm, you and your students can see how these amazing systems work. Students will learn about how the fish and the plants complement each other in several of our large greenhouse systems.  Hands-on activities are incorporated throughout, and students are given the opportunity to see and understand first hand many principles related to all fields of science and math.  Furthermore, each teacher that brings in a group of students is fully supported through the experience! On the front end, we will work with you to custom design our curriculum to meet your students’ needs and background.  Plus, the experience is fully aligned to current state and national science standards!  You let us know which standards are most timely for your group, and we will make sure the student experience emphasizes those content areas. And, leave with a pack of follow-up activities and lesson plans.

We’d love for you to come take a look and see for yourself how valuable this experience can be for your students.  Call or email us today to reserve your spot at one of our three Educator Open House events. We look forward to showing you how exciting this type of farming can be!

Ellibell Farm, 474 Vanntown Road, Elora, Tennessee 37328 • Phone: 256-679-9488
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