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We are an authorized Solexx Greenhouses dealer.

SolexInsulated twin-wall Solexx™ greenhouse panels reduce your heating costs while providing 70-77% soft, diffused light – the best light for plants! The strong, shatter-proof greenhouse glazing protects your plants from strong winds, snow and other harsh weather conditions. Unlike other twin-wall greenhouse coverings, the flexible paneling can be bent around corners and easily cut with a utility knife.

Solexx™ XP and Solexx™ Pro greenhouse coverings are now available in rolls up to 1000′ long, so it is easy for you to re-cover just about any structure!

Solexx™ Greenhouse Panels

  • Strong and shatter proof greenhouse covering protects against wind and snow.
  • Solexx™ greenhouse panels diffuse the light throughout the greenhouse for optimal plant growth.
  • The double-walled insulated greenhouse material helps hold in the heat.
  • 10 year warranty


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