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…Open for school group visits…

The Experience

We offer farm tour field-trip experiences for students grades K-12, as well as home school groups. Every group that comes through our farm gets a unique, customized experience. We work hard to make sure that your students get the most out of their field-trip! Below is an example list of the topics that might be covered during a farm tour:

Introduction to Aquaponics
Define Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Hydroponics
History of Aquapoincs (Aztecs – Current)
Conventional in ground growing vs aquaponics

How it works 
The organisms (fish, bacteria, plants)
The Aquaponics ecosystem (relationships)

Our Current Food Sources
Herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer and other pollutants
Polynesian model
Sustainability and Food Independence

Organic and Sustainable Food
Off Grid
Water use
Food and Health… related?

We have many hands-on activities to offer your students as part of their field-trip experience.  While every group gets an engaging and thorough tour, we like to place meaningful emphasis on the science that matters most to you. Let us know where you are in your curriculum and which content areas you’d like to reinforce; we’ll adapt our tour for your group to give them the best experience possible. Activities are customized to the grade level and content focus of each student group.  

Download brochure:

Click fieldtripbrochure2.0 to download the school field trip brochure.

For reservations

 call: 256-679-9488 or email: rancam@hughes.net


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